08054 General Bridge Repair Works

projects22Project Analysis

Client: Whangarei District Council
Engineer: Derek Bon
Value: $156k
Location: Whangarei, Northland
Contractors Representative: Jeremy Rintoul
Project Manager: Ken Rintoul
Site Supervisor: David Job
Construction Programme: 18/12/08 to 5/05/09
(16 weeks)
Justifiable Delays: 42 working days
Completion Date: 31 July 2009


Project Brief:

Bridge repair. This contract involved maintenance works on 55 bridges throughout the Whangarei District. Minor work items included debris removal, deck cleaning, guardrail and kerb repairs and approach resurfacing. More intricate work items included epoxy injections to pier and abutment caps, concrete mortar repairs, beam and diaphragm replacements and bridge deck replacements.